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We provide ophthalmic care for the whole family, from newborns to seniors.

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Services We Offer

Full ophthalmological examination during one appointment!


Examination of children from 3 months of age with examination for strabismus.
Consultation of newborns and infants on tubular obstruction, conjunctivitis

OCT examination

OCT of macula
OCT of anterior chamber


Evaluation of the retina in hypertension, diabetes and macular degeneration.
Consultations for other specialists and issuing certificates


For cataract surgery with a description of the examination and referral for the procedure.
For laser procedures: capsulotomy, iridotomy, retinal laser therapy, micropulse laser therapy

Diagnostics and treatment

Inflammatory conditions
Dry eye syndrome
Removal of foreign bodies from the cornea and conjunctiva


Contact lenses

Why Choose Okulist@

We have an amazing approach to children of all ages.

We examin through play.

The examination is child’s play.

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Our Specialized Doctor's Team


She consults in private ophthalmic centers in Wrocław and in Lower Silesia. She specializes in conservative and interventional ophthalmology. Performs rinsing of the tear ducts in infants, children and adults.


She has a specialist diploma in ophthalmology from the European Society of Ophthalmology. She examines children and adults. Selects glasses,contact lenses and prisms.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before the visit, you should remove your eye make-up.
  • Take off contact lens a few hours before the examination.
  • After the test, you usually cannot drive the car for several hours, reading is difficult, and sunglasses should be taken on sunny days.
  • It usually takes 45 minutes for children to be examined, after which the child will have poor vision for about 24 hours
  • visits only privately (we do not have a contract with the National Health Fund).
  • Possibility of receiving a prescription for refunded drugs and refunded eyeglass lenses.
  • The possibility of receiving a sick leave.
  • Choose a date and time.
  • Fill out the registration form by entering PATIENT DATA.
  • You will receive a link to activate the booking to the e-mail address provided in the form – click the link to confirm the booking of the visit. Otherwise, the booking will be canceled after 15 minutes.

Pricing Plan

We accept payment methods: cash, bank transfer, bank transfer by BLIK to the phone.

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